Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Nobel (2016 on Netflix)

[Watched on a tip by a loyal reader who said it's excellent but he usually has no clue what he's talking about, but, based on Episode 1 of Season 1, he's right on this one]

If you speak Norwegian, you will like it even more, but even if not, if you can read English sub-titles, you will find Nobel compelling. All of the characters are real, neither exaggerated nor under-stated, the photography is fabulous, the dialogue is perfect, and the direction is tight. That is not to say you necessarily will understand everything that is happening at the moment because it surely is a bit confusing, but that won't bother you, because you will find yourself gripped to see what happens next. It's set in part in a world of violence, but the violence is so well handled and so sublime that it neither intrudes, offends, or shocks. This is truly art, that explores politics like no other form or format can (indeed, it confirms that are media are incompetent amateurs). Enjoy!!!!

IMDb Link to Nobel

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