Monday, January 23, 2017

Select Auto Body (Phoenix) and a Lesson in Erroneous Causation Thinking

Even when they are not making up alternative facts and alternative realities, or just plain dissembling, Fox News in general and Republicans in particular base their arguments on faulty notions of causation. Specifically, they confuse correlation with causation and, as long as someone or group they don't like precedes some event or condition they don't like, they find cause for blame. For example, Obama's stimulus program preceded the country's 2% economic growth rate so, as they see it, the stimulus program is the reason the growth rate was not higher.  

Well, suppose you let your spouse drive your car. After she brings it back, it has two small scratch marks that were not there before. If you do not understand causation, you might be likely to blame her for the scratch marks. But, if you take the car to Select Auto Body, which is by far the best auto body shop in Phoenix--they're geniuses and true artisans and really nice people--you will learn that the scratches were made by a cat, and they will even buff them out for free and refuse to take any tip. Unlike Fox News and the Republicans, when your flawed attribution of causation is uncovered, at least have the character to admit and atone accordingly.

Link to Select Auto Body Web Site

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