Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Shower Beer

Who doesn't love a cigarette and a beer in the shower? Finally, there's a brewery that is capitalizing on the beauty of a warm shower and a cold beer by brewing Shower Beer, a pale ale purposefully crafted to perfect your shower-drinking experience. The Shower Beer is half the size of a typical beer (six ounces as opposed to the usual 12), but holds an impressive ten percent alcohol by volume. The beer was created by Swedish craft brewery PangPang and creative agency Snask. The beer is meant to be finished "in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night." According to the brewer responsible for the idea, PangPang founder Fredrik Tunedal, the beer has a soapy flavor to it, meant to compliment the literal soapy suds around you. There are also shower beer holders. 

Image result for shower beer

Image result for shower beer

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