Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Smart Shower, Gigantic Flash Drive, Smart Hairbrush, Smart Dog Collar, and Smart Cat Feeder

We have deployed our NIT (New Innovation Technology) department staff to the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to report on new products they think look interesting. Here is the summary of their first report:

Moen U Smart Shower: Takes the guess-work out of getting the shower just the way you want it before you step in, all from your cellphone: Link to Moen Smart Shower Website

 Image result for moen smart shower

Kingston Datatraveler 2TB Flash Drive:

Kingston unveils 'world's highest capacity USB flash drive'

Smart Hairbrush: Takes the guesswork out of brushing your hair by taking account of both your hair type and condition as well as external environmental factors: Link to Hair Coach Website

Smart Dog Collars: These can do everything from monitoring your dog's mood to creating a virtual fence. Just type "smart dog collars" (without the quotes) into The Google.

Smart Cat Feeder: This doses out the correct amount of food and water your cat should be ingesting to keep it at the correct weight. Link to cnet Explanation

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