Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sneak Preview of Letter to Be Published by Arizona Republic

Although declined by the Financial Times and New York Times, the Arizona Republic has the good sense to be publishing the following letter:

Subject: Stand Up to Trump by Staying Home

            Protesting each new policy announced by Trump or each new coercive threat he makes to compel companies to bend to his will are salutary and to be embraced under our first amendment (which itself is under assault). But protests should be just the first step, a rallying cry, which, to have impact, should be followed on immediately with boycotts. For example, if airlines continue to agree to abide Trump’s immigration ban, boycott the airlines; if Carrier and Ford say they will cave into Trump’s bullying instead of doing what is best for their companies and their customers, boycott Carrier and Ford; if Uber refuses to join taxis in a strike, boycott Uber; and if a mayor agrees to end sanctuary city status rather than stand up to Trump’s fulminations, boycott Miami. In short, it is one thing to have a shouting match with Trump—which Trump seems to relish, but quite another to raise the stakes for those who refuse to stand up to him—which Trump has yet to face.  Thus, a day or two of the world’s standing up to Trump by staying home should put an end to his outrageous directives and teach Trump a lesson that he needs to learn.

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