Monday, January 2, 2017

A Tale of Two OJ Simpson Series

It was hoped to be the best of times. But it was the worst of times. Our Historical and Legal Film Association Society Source (HALFASS) tried to watch two OJ Simpson retrospectives, one a documentary by ESPSN and the other a series based on a book by Jeffrey Toobin. It gave up 20 minutes into the first and, after watching 20 minutes of Episode 5 by mistake and then the entirety of Episode 1 of the second, gave up on it.

1. OJ and America--the ESPN Documentary: Again, based just on 20 minutes, this might be good. But the first 20 minutes were so grainy and disjointed that its attempt to bring the OJ story into the story of race in America just didn't, as was said in My Cousin Vinny, it didn't hold water.

Link to My Cousin Vinny Clip

2. The People vs. OJ Simpson: The cast is amazing, with Emmy and Oscar award winners such as Nathan Lane. But they look so goofy and made up that they are hard to watch. And, if you thought Marcia Clark's ineptitude was hard to take when she was a lawyer, just wait to see how annoying and stilted she is in this. The script is stilted, even if it had been taken from what happened, and it likely wasn't. David Schwimmer is painful to watch, as are most of the characters. Vinnie Barbarino, oh sorry, John Travolta is even more painful to watch. Everything is overacted.

Link to Scene of John Travolta Playing Robert Shapiro

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