Thursday, January 5, 2017

Two Fry's Shopping Tips (Phoenix)

Self-Checkout Tip: Our SCAD (Self Checkout Advisory Department) suggests, that if you are buying alcohol, you should scan it last. Otherwise, if the attendant is occupied or away, you will have to wait to scan your other items until the attendant "clears" the alcohol for purchase. This is the case even if you bought our WASAC's (Wine & Spirits Advisory Council) recommended Platinum 7X Extra Smooth (distilled 7 times) Vodka for under $15 for the giant 1.75L plastic cool blue triangular bottle.

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Chicken Tip: Our PAD (Poultry Advisory Department) strongly recommends Simple Truth natural chicken, which is raised cage free, vegetarian fed, and has no preservatives, antibiotics, or added hormones. Also, a nice feature is that the individual three pieces (e.g., boneless, skinless chicken breasts) are individually wrapped in the package. And the price is quite reasonable.

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