Saturday, February 11, 2017

Caution re The Geek Squad

If your computer acts up, and you take it to The Geek Squad (Best Buy), you likely will be told you have a virus and will be charged $149 to have it removed. You also might be sold a year's subscription to its own anti-virus program installed on a thumb drive which also connects your to The Geek Squad for "support" services. They also might take off, without asking you, various cleaner and protection programs you had installed. In essence, you might just have paid $300 to "fix" a $600 computer, where a friend likely could have fixed it for free. And, unlike The Geek Squad, which would have you bring the computer back in if it refused to boot up and you told them the computer was shot, and likely impose another charge, your friend could show you that, if the computer is run for some extended time without the power cord plugged in, the battery eventually will drain causing the computer to refuse to boot up, an infirmity that is immediately solved upon plugging in the power cord. That friend also might explain that, to re-boot the modem and router, one need not pull out all the cables and cords that go into the modem, router, computer, and monitor, one need to pull out and re-plug in the router power cord and push a pin into the small hole on the back of the modem.

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