Tuesday, February 28, 2017

How Even a Dummy Should Be Able Tell Smart Phone and Tablet Sizes and Returning Multiple Orders to Amazon

Size for Dummies:

Yesterday, our Crack Ordering Department (COD) spent extensive time negotiating with our wireless carrier and got a fabulous deal on a Samsung Galaxy J3 (paying $85/phone with a list price of $210), which COD then ordered for everyone in our front office. While COD did not get a waiver of the restocking fee (which is not a trivial amount because its based on the list price and not the selling price), it did get a waiver of the shipping fee and the activation fee. When our Executive Director opened the box, he was stunned: The screen size of this Galaxy J3 was the same screen size as his Galaxy S3, and while the J3 likely is faster. For some reason, being a total dummy, he had thought it would be a 5" screen, and had failed to realize that the number appearing in the device's model name (in this instance "3") generally refers to screen size. So, rather than hassle with the vagaries of a new phone, back went the J3.

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Returning Multiple Orders to Amazon:

COD also had ordered accessories from Amazon (e.g., an extra battery, fast charging cord, and screen protectors).  While the return shipping was not free because there was nothing wrong with the order, these accessories came as three separate orders, and we certainly did not want to pay three separate shipping charges back. COD immediately tried to contact Amazon but the Order page on its website was down and its telephone support for customer service also was down. If the Order page is not down, you might be able to combine the separate orders into one box on the website. But if not, when you do ultimately get through, ask for a supervisor when you are told (incorrectly) that there is no way to combine orders and you are told (incorrectly) that there never is a shipping charge on returns. All should work out then to your satisfaction. As long as both orders were fulfilled by Amazon, what you do is print a shipping label for each, put one shipping label in the box with the products for both orders, and the other shipping label on the box. Amazon doesn't charge for the unused shipping label, only the used one, so you won't be charged twice.

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