Saturday, February 18, 2017

Justified (Season 6)

If you tired of Justified a bit starting in Season 3 and found Seasons 4 and 5 tedious, Season 6, the last season, makes up for all. It's a little bloodier than most (although for the most part you are glad that those who were killed were killed), but it's simply terrific. It moves along, and the ending is both predictable and surprising, as is the second ending, and the third. It's beautifully shot (akin to the scenery in the original True Grit) even if shot in California to look like Kentucky. The only distressing thing is how weird Sam Elliot looks, and we trust Katherine Ross cares enough about her marriage not to watch him in this series. And one hopes that Ted Danson cares enough about his marriage to not watch Mary Steenburgen in this series. Which is not to say that Mr. Elliot and Ms. Steenburgen don't turn in excellent performances. Boyd Crowder deserves kudos! Which is not to say Raylan Givens does not!

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