Monday, February 27, 2017

Leftover Tips Especially for Middle Eastern and Pakistani/Afghan Food

Khyber Halal (in Phoenix) is a wonderful restaurant in itself, but an especially terrific place to get 3+ meals to go in one order, namely, the Mixed Platter which is 4 kebobs on top of a mountain of rice for about $25. The only word of caution is that, if you are spreading it out over 3-4 days, you want to be sure you have a moistening agent to mix in when reheating. The best moistening agent would be raita (which is spelled riata on the KH menu). But suppose you forgot to order riata. You can return to KH or you can look for riata at Fry's, but, if they have it, it is well hidden and unknown to any service person. You could go back to KH, but instead, while at Fry's, pick up a small bottle of Cacique Crema Mexica. It will do the trick and is yummy.

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Link to Khyber Halal Website

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