Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Royal Night Out (2015)

After bombing out on rebelling from British movies, and figuring nothing could be worse than watching a so-called president give a speech to Congress, queuing up Royal Night Out on Netflix turned out to be a most pleasant surprise. It tells the story of two princesses (Elizabeth and Margaret) going out into the revelries of VE Day, and it's a total hoot. In a sense, it's a coming -of-age movie for two women who never really will come of age. It's also like a French farce, full of ribald stuff, and people missing each other in revolving doors. It's bawdy. It's fun. It's quick. It's quirky. It restores one's faith in movies. There are some attempted serious moments, but don't worry, they don't spoil the movie, or its point: Get down on your knees and give thanks that you are not a Royal. Be sure to watch it to the end though, because it really is, ultimately, a touching movie. The princesses are totally charming. All the acting is first rate.

IMDb Link to Royal Night Out

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