Monday, February 20, 2017

Top of the Lake (2013) (Netflix)

With some differences, Top of the Lake would be a mystery series that everyone would enjoy. The scenery (of which there are countless long shots) is so absolutely spectacular that it makes a trip to New Zealand a top bucket list priority and adding New Zealand as a desired Home-Exchange location an immediate reflex. The story is gripping as well. And Elizabeth Moss is so engaging that, together with this performance, and your memories of her in West Wing (the President's daughter) and in Mad Men (Peggy), you can almost ignore her Scientology stuff. But, then, for reasons that likely will remain a complete mystery, the story is filled with unpleasant, unattractive, un-endearing, unintelligent people you'd just as soon not look or or listen to much less give a fig about. After Melissa Tormei (who is not in the series, at least not in the first three episodes), Holly Hunter is the actress most likely to be a joy to watch no matter the movie or television show. Not in Top of the Lake, unless listening to incoherent babble, watching someone smoke, and a weird look is your thing. I won't spoil the ending, not that I have any idea what it is yet, but because Episode 3 will be the last one I'll watch.
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