Monday, March 20, 2017

Alternative to Buying or Leasing or Renting or Sharing a Car

If you still are buying or leasing a car, you likely did not enjoy the acquisition process, you don't like the maintenance process, and your early thrill in having a new car has long since passed. Fortunately, the days of having to buy or lease or rent or share a car are over. Welcome to the 21st Century. For under $1,500/month for luxury vehicles and for under $1,000 for really fine vehicles just below luxury status plus a $250 one-time joining fee, you can enjoy all the benefits of a "car club membership." With that membership, you can have a different fresh car delivered to you, insurance included, whenever you want, keep it as long as you want, and flip it to a different fresh car as often as you want. And the club's concierge service will transfer all your bluetooth data etc. each time you flip. So, if you have a car for a couple of weeks and don't feel like incurring the hassle of filling it up with gas, just call the club (actually, there's an app for that), and have a fresh car delivered. Also, if you want a small car for a time but need an  SUV for a week, just call the club--flip done. Our Luxury Automotive Department (LAD) has not reviewed the various clubs, but typical is Clutch, whose link below explains how such a service works, and will answer all your questions.

Link to Clutch Website

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