Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Chrome Extensions

If you use Chrome (the most used browser and for good reason), you likely know many of the neat things and conveniences you can enjoy with Extensions. Our Browser Assessment Group (BAG) has put together the list of the Extensions required to be used by everyone on our staff. Each of these Extensions and many others are available here: Link to Extension Downloads

Adblock Plus

Chromebleed: protects against Heartbleed bug.

Easy Auto Refresh: lets you set any webpage to refresh automatically at timed intervals (which avoids timing out)

Evernote Web Clipper

Ghostery: stops websites from tracking you

Gmelius for Gmail: increase productivity features for Gmail

HTTPS Everywhere: keeps you safer

IE Tab: display webpages in IE without leaving Chrome

LastPass: Free Password Manager

Lightshot: screenshot tool

Mercury Reader: removes ads etc. to have a clean page of just text

PDF Viewer: allows for PDF pages to be displayed in the browser


Proper Menubar: allows for easy access to Google services

Save as PDF: download webpages as PDF files with one click

Select Out: eliminates tracking cookies

ShareLink via Email

Single File

Single File Core

TabsPlus: manage how tabs display


TrafficLight: provides added security

Webmail Ad Blocker

WOT: Web of Trust: provides safety information on websites

X New Tab Page: lets you set new tab page with any website you want

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