Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Fabulous Flight Simulator

I've always been a fan of flight simulator games on the PC, ever since the days when Microsoft produced the best product in this area. I encourage my staff to use it during breaks in their incredibly long work days. Nowadays, that original Microsoft product is no more, and the market leader is X-Plane. You can get it for portable devices such as iPad, but the program works best on a powerful desktop or laptop PC because it comes with huge amounts of planes and scenery. Even the demo, which includes a handful of planes and whose scenery covers just a tiny part of the world, is a download of around 8 GB. So don't try downloading it if you don't have the necessary bandwidth and monthly quote available. But if you do have those things available, give it a try. It's great fun, and shows just how far PC-based flight sims have come in recent years.

Link to X-Plane Simulator Download

X-Plane flight simulator

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