Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fauda (2015) (Netflix)

Even if you don't speak Hebrew or Arabic, and even you haven't studied the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or served in the special forces on either side, you will find Fauda as riveting as any drama gets. Indeed, you don't want to see anything more riveting. Put another way this is sheer rivet. With fabulous acting, wonderful photography, and the tightest of screenplays, you'll find yourself lost in the tragic horror that is the everyday life both of Israeli special forces in Palestine and those being hunted by them, and the innocents among whom both live. It will not bother you one whit that often you don't know who is which side. In fact, you'll embrace the confusion or, better put, as the Arabic word "fauda" means--the "chaos."

IMDb Link to Fauda

[Note: This review is based on the first 5 episodes]

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