Monday, March 20, 2017

FBI/NSA Congressional Hearing

[Prefatory Note: As you know, we do not do politics. This is simply a statement of fact coupled with a prediction. We offer it only because, if the prediction turns out to be correct, it could affect tech and consumer stuff that we do cover]

Putting aside the confirmation by Comey that Russia hacked the DNC and Clinton campaigns to hurt Clinton, help Trump, and undermine confidence in our electoral system, and putting aside the confirmation by Comey that the FBI is investigating whether there was coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians in its so doing, and putting aside that, while the Dems actually were making little speeches and laying out evidence and not asking questions, it is clear there is an amazing mountain of evidence of all kinds of connections between Trump and the Russians going back and persisting continuously over the years, with enormous amounts of money being funneled from the Russians to Trump, along with an enormous amount of dealings of all kinds between Trump campaign officials and Russians sometimes going back years before and during the campaign including at the Republic convention and in the writing of the Republican platform, and putting aside the FBI has no evidence to support Trump’s wiretapping accusations and is not investigating those allegations, perhaps the most interesting thing that happened is this:

Comey (and Admiral Rogers (NSA Director) who also is testifying) testified that they did not analyze whether or the extent to which the Russian hacking affected the electoral process in the sense of changing peoples’ opinions or votes because that’s not what the FBI or NSA do or have the ability to do.

Trump then tweeted that the “FBI and NSA confirmed in their testimony today that the Russian hacking did not influence the election.”

That tweet was then read at the hearing, and Comey and Rogers reiterated their original testimony and in effect controverted the tweet.

Prediction: Unless America has become Greece as depicted in Z (see link below), this administration is going down.

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