Thursday, March 30, 2017

Getting an Amazon Refund Without Returning the Product

At least where you buy a lower-priced item, such as an $11 roll of stretch-tite with the cutter which is the best of breed, and it comes damaged, Amazon will issue you a refund contingent on your sending it back. Although it cost you nothing to send back, it is a bit of a hassle (especially where it didn't come in a box in the first place), it does Amazon no good to pay for the return shipping because the product is now worthless. Here's what you do: (i) Send an email to Amazon saying you'd like to send them a picture to show why there's no reason Amazon should insist on a return; (ii) the response will invite you to send a picture; (iii) send the picture and explain that it also shows the inferior packaging method using an envelope instead of a box; and (iv) most important, when you get no response, phone Amazon customer service, explain that issue and how disappointed you are in not getting a response to the picture, and the rep will be able to pull up the picture, and will see your point, and will issue you an immediate refund and waive the requirement that the product be returned. 

How it was supposed to look:
Image result for stretch-tite

How it actually looked upon arrival showing also the packaging it was sent in:

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