Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Google Search by Images

I have a set of plates I bought 25 years ago. Six of them are still excellent but two have broken. As you can see, it's a spectacular and distinctive plate:


Being in a panic should a dinner party break out, I did a frantic search of all kinds of websites dealing with dinnerware looking for the plate. No luck. Here's the really cool thing I should have done in the first place: Just go to Google Images and insert the image in the search box, and shzam! If it's available anywhere, The Google will find out. If The Google doesn't find it, you'll know it's no longer available. Michael Keaton, in Night Shift (which is a fantastic movie and a holiday favorite in our house), put it perfectly: Link to Keaton's Perfect Line in Night Shift

Link to Google Images

IMDb Link to Night Shift

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