Saturday, March 25, 2017

Mad Dogs (2015) on Amazon Prime

We noted this after the first episode, and have now seen the entire series (10 episodes). To begin, akin to leading any restaurant review with parking and noise level, Mad Dogs is beautifully photographed and the scenery is fantastic. The acting is fantastic. The characters are gripping. Steve Zahn steals every scene he is in. You have no clue what's going to happen one scene to the next. No matter how many characters you don't like, you can't look away. No matter what the film does to characters you do like (e.g., the cop), you forgive it and continue watching. And even if you don't understand what's happening at any point, or even when it's over, you're glad you watched it. You might not have learned anything, and you might not want to go to Belize, but here's the secret to what it's about: It's a remake of Waiting for Godot with a twist, where the better title would have been: Waiting for Jesus?

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