Monday, March 6, 2017

Mastros (Scottsdale)

Mastros is steakhouse. On the two most important criteria: there is excellent close-in self-parking (as well as valet parking at the door); and the noise level is pretty pretty bad (especially if you're sitting next to a table with two guys who speak too loud to begin with and louder as they have a few drinks). But it's not the noise level that should deter you. It's the prices. There are no prices on its website's  menu. Strong suggestion: Don't go unless someone else is paying. The food and service are good, although the menu does not seem to have anything out of the ordinary, i.e., anything that makes you scream, or even whisper, "Wow, I want to try that." Some of the dishes are more shockingly inferior for the price than others (e.g., given the size of the portion, the Caesar salad might be the most expensive item on a per ounce basis on the menu). The decor is a bit weird, with many mirrors for no apparent purpose, which can be a bit disorienting (e.g., you might think someone is hovering behind you  when no one actually is there). If you're coming from Phoenix, whether or not you're paying, you've undoubtedly passed a hundred restaurants you would have enjoyed much more at any price.

Link to Mastros Website

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