Thursday, March 23, 2017

Match (Downtown Phoenix Restaurant)

On the two most important factors--noise level and parking,  it is a pleasure to report that Match does just fine. There is free valet parking (but please do not forget to tip) right at the door and, while the decor is modern, they don't pump in amplified anything and they even put carpet under the table top (no, not on the floor, on the underside of the table top itself), which helps deaden the noise. The food is very tasty, the portions are quite good, and the dish selection is unique and there is something for everyone. The service is excellent, and it's always a nice touch to leave a water bottle on the table. Do not panic when you see that no prices appear on the online menu. Often that is a sign that the restaurant's prices are outrageous (to-wit: if you have to ask, you can't afford it). But with Match, the prices are quite reasonable. Our Culinary Arts Department (CAD) raised the issue with the hostess who was very grateful for the feedback and will be bringing it to the owner's attention. Finally, because it's in a hotel, many of the dishes are served all-day.

Link to Match Website

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