Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mobile World Conference (Barcelona 2017)

We have been closely monitoring for you all the developments and announcements coming out of the Mobile World Conference that wraps up tomorrow. We are chagrined to say that there no big news. It's more like: Move along folks there is nothing to see. The smart phone market has certainly cooled, and the trend seems to be to go back to mid-level phones for under $400 or even under $300 or even around $200, that will give users everything they really want and need. But Samsung will continue to push its high-end phones as will Apple, with the new iPhone that will be coming out expected to be priced at $1,000.

[Note: We have to confess that the organizers of this conference are alot smarter than the our organizers who planned and directed our conference in Barcelona a couple of years back. Rather than holding our conference in February/March, our idiot planners saved a few bucks by scheduling for June. Barcelona looks to be a fantastic city in architecture, art, food, and on an on, but stay away during a heat wave, because it can be too miserable to leave your lodging, even for a few minutes. And it ain't a dry heat.]

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