Friday, March 3, 2017

Picking Up at Sky Harbor (Phoenix) Terminal 4

Particularly during heavy travel times, it often is easier to pick up someone on the outside lanes rather than the curb lane. The North side tends to be easier than the South side. But if you're picking up on the South side, tell the person(s) being picked up to go to the "car service" area (where Uber and Lyft pick up) and not to go to the "van area" (where shuttle vans will beep at you loudly). If you're coming to the airport from the West end, using the cellphone lot for Terminal 2 (which you'll pass on the way in) tends to be easier than using the Terminal 4 cellphone lot (the flight won't be listed on the board but who needs that anyhow as long as the person(s) you're picking up has a cellphone).

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