Monday, March 13, 2017

Post Script on The Persian Room (Scottsdale)

A few months ago, we gave the highest marks to The Persian Room. While we continue to rate the tastiness of the food and table service highly, the portions remain exceedingly generous, and the parking is still very good, a few words of caution if you go on a Sunday night (or perhaps other nights when it draws a crowd): If you eat inside, it's extremely loud; if you don't have a reservation, you're looking at a wait of 40 minutes or more; if you don't insist on an outside table, even if no one is eating outside, you won't get one even if requested when you made your reservation; and if you don't utz a little after introducing yourself to the hostess, you might just stand there until Hell freezes over. Here's a good clip to watch while you're waiting: Link to Short Clip From Seinfeld at the Chinese Restaurant

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