Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Dealing With Power Outages

[Prefatory Note: This post relates to SRP in Phoenix, but likely other power companies offer the same services]

When your house power goes off, two thoughts immediately spring to mind: (i) Is it just my house; and (ii) does the power company know about it. Now, you need not go running outside to look at others' houses (which during daylight hours likely won't do you any good anyhow). Instead, there are three ways to find out asap: (i) if you signed up with the power company to get text or email alerts, they'll tell you; (ii) if you put their outage number in your cellphone, you can call them; or (iii) if you downloaded their app, there most assuredly will be a real-time outage map. While you might think phoning is the easiest option, at least with SRP, you will "greeted" by their "automated assistant" who has no what she's doing and is very helpful ... just keep hitting zero or screaming "talk to representative" until she transfers you.

[Supplemental Note: It is beyond the scope of this post to review a simple way to not be bothered with power outages: Install a gas generator, preferably one that kicks on automatically when the power goes off. Our Generator Automation Services Department (GAS) strongly recommends: Do not attempt to install it yourself--hire a professional]

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