Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Shame on the PBS News Hour

Since the election, many people have refused to watch any cable news show because of their willingness to allow Trump surrogates on panel discussions present their "positions" as if they had any basis in reality (e.g., akin to saying creationism is a valid alternative to evolution). Instead, these people have limited their television news watching to the broadcast channels that report without panel discussions and to the PBS News Hour. Alas, forget about the News Hour. It is willing to have pure Trump propaganda crap (excuse our language, and please remember, we are not political) spewed in a supposed discussion, not only unchallenged by Judy Woodruff, but met with a smile. Lest anyone think this description is an exaggeration or mis-characterization, just watch this clip from the show featuring Matt Schlapp of the American Conservative Union: Link to the News Hour Clip

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