Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Gladly (Phoenix)

The Gladly was recently featured on Check Please, Arizona! and got really good reviews. So, I sent two of our Culinary and Dining  (CAD) senior staff there to try it for lunch. On the three most important criteria: (i) It wasn’t as quiet as had been hoped, but it was tolerable noise-wise; (ii) there was good close-in non-valet parking; and (iii) it took reservations, even for a party of two. The food was good but not fabulous. The service was good but a little annoying in that they put a pitcher of water on the table (always a plus), but the waiter kept coming by to re-fill the glasses and ask how everything was, which was a little annoying. The prices were not outrageous, but it is not cheap. If memory serves me, the glowing reviews were based in large part on the scallops, which are $40. One nice thing is that it looked like all the tables were for four people, so you have plenty of room when there are only two of you. 

Link to The Gladly Website

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