Thursday, March 2, 2017

Water Leak and Freeze Detectors

If you don't have a water leak and freeze detector, you should never leave your house. Otherwise, you could come home to a terrible surprise: a flood from a broken pipe and worse--mold. While you can buy a system that, upon that happening, your water will be shut off, that would involve some expense and installation issues. But for under $50, you can get a device that will alert you or anyone you want if there is burst pipe, and then you can rush home or have your neighbor turn off the water or you can even call the water company which will do so for you. As an added bonus, which you can see for yourself, the top-rated unit, the roost, makes quite the stylish statement. Below are links to two excellent articles on the two highest rated devices/systems:

roost water leak

Link to Description of the roost system

Link to Description of the Honeywell Lyric System

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