Saturday, April 22, 2017

Amanda Knox (Netflix Original Documentary)

Although only 1.5h, it seems like 5 hours or longer. It's tedious. But it does highlight the reckless, arrogant incompetency of the prosecutor (who in true Catch 22 terms is promoted at the end) and the ridiculousness of the press (especially the Daily Mail) and even Donald Trump shows up in this. The convictions clearly were improper. Italy does look like a beautiful country, though, and likely is truly enjoyable if you stay out of its criminal justice system or visit it in 1971 on a trip from Hell. If you want to see a great movie that invokes the Knox name, watch Local Hero with Peter Riegert, which involves Knox Oil & Gas, for it truly is one of the 5 best movies ever!

IMDb Link to Local Hero

You Tube Link to "Knox Oil and Gas"

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