Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cox Communications: Two Tips (re internet plans and price negotiation)

Tip 1: Cox is running a promotion whereby you can upgrade your internet service plan for $5/month for six months (the un-discounted delta would $10/month). Most people use Cox Preferred and hence would be upgrading to Cox Premier. Whether upgrading would make any difference to your internet experience (speed) depends on factors endemic to the number of connected devices you have and the type of internet usage you engage in. Here generally is the comparison between Preferred (on the left) and Premier (on the right):

Tip 2: One reason you might not upgrade is that you do not want to pay an even larger monthly bill. So, if you are contemplating this upgrade (or some other change or nothing at all), ask to be transferred to the Loyalty Department. You might compliment the rep on how pleased you've been lately with Cox, in stark contrast to frustrations you've had in the past, and that your only concern now is the total cost you're paying each month, and then ask if there's anything  that can be done to lower your bill. You then might be offered to have your maintenance agreement slashed in half, which will mean your internet plan upgrade will cost you only $1.50/month and, if you change your mind on that upgrade, your monthly bill will have been reduced by $3.50/month for a year. Be sure to mark the 1-year expiration date on your calendar so you can call and ask to have it extended or replaced with a different discount. 

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