Saturday, April 29, 2017

Crazy Jim's vs. George's Kitchen (Phoenix)

It was a sad day in Central Phoenix when Cypress Pita Grill shuttered its doors. But, at least we still have Crazy Jim's (CJ) (on 15th Avenue, not the fake CJ downtown one by the same name but different ownership) and George's Kitchen (GK). They have similar menus and are close on many criteria, but differ slightly as well. Here is the skinny:

Ease of Getting a Table: Getting into CJ is often impossible for lunch during the week and it can be crowded on Saturday's as well. GK generally always has a table.

Parking: Both good except if CJ is overflowing, parking will be a problem.

Noise Level: Both have issues. Tables much closer together at CJ.

Food: Both very good; CJ slightly better on comparable dishes and pita bread and more generous on salad dressing. CJ slightly less expensive.

Service: CJ has full table service and it's very good. At GK, you order at the counter and table service thereafter is irrelevant (you go to the fountain dispenser to refill your drink, even if water). Obviously, your tip will be greater at CJ.

Clientele: At CJ, there is a greater chance of encountering people who are on their way to or from the State Fair whether or not the State Fair is running at the time, as well as people who should use a knife and fork for things that really aren't finger foods.

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