Monday, April 3, 2017

Dealing With Coyotes and the Arizona Republic

On April 1, Jerod MacDonald-Evoy wrote a story in the Arizona Republic about increasingly spotting coyotes in Phoenix. He gave some tips, such as shake a can of rocks, as to what to do if one crosses your path. Many people do not carry cans of rocks with them. So, our Ferocious Animal Department (FAD) sent him a letter, the essence of which stated: "While your suggestions of how to deal with a coyote when faced with one are good ones, here is what I’ve done. I’ve download a free 'horns and sirens' app to my cellphone, and then I’m always '“armed' with a loud noise-maker that can be set off in seconds. It’s very effective." The essence of Mr. MacDonald's gracious reply was as follows: "The phone app is a great idea, I would've never thought of that! I mostly see stray chihuahuas in my neighborhood so it was interesting learning about areas of the Valley that see coyotes often." 

Link to AR Coyote Article 

For those who don't know, here is what a coyote looks like:

Image result for coyote

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