Monday, April 24, 2017

SRP Time-of-Use Change

SRP sent out an email alerting electric customers to the upcoming change in times for time-of-use customers, which for most people and for the environment, is the better plan to be on. That email had a mistaken stop date of June 30. The actual stop date will be October 30. Trying to report the mistake by phone ran into SRP's new answering system asking the caller to speak in complete sentences. Don't bother. Just hit "0" (without the quotes). Here is an email exchange on the matter:

From: []
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 11:05 AM
To: [customer name excised]
Subject: SRP eNote: Time-of-Use hours change on May 1

SRP® eNote

Dear [Customer Name Excised]
This is a courtesy reminder that summer Time-of-Use hours begin May 1 and will continue in effect through June 30.
SRP's Time-of-Use™ Price Plan residential on-peak hours are from 1-8 p.m., Monday through Friday. All other hours are off-peak, including all Saturdays and Sundays. Memorial Day is also an off-peak day. Please be sure to adjust any pool pump and water heater timers, and programmable thermostats for these summer hours.
The more usage you shift to the summer off-peak hours, the more money you can save!
Thank you for being a valued SRP customer.
We are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (602) 236-8888.

SRP Customer Experience Services

RE: SRP eNote: Time-of-Use hours change on May 1
To: ''

1. Your email is NOT CORRECT. The change is not through June 30 as stated in the email. It’s through October 30.

2. Your new telephone answering options “to speak in complete sentences” is a step backward. It just makes things impossible. What was I supposed to say in a complete when I called to report this issue?

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