Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sully (2016)

Available to stream on Amazon (available on Netflix only on DVD), Sully is not the movie you expect. Yes, you get to see the ditching of the plane into the Hudson, and the rescue, about half way through the movie. But the movie focuses much more on the director's (Clint Eastwood's) rant about government regulators, namely the NTSB, which incompetently tries to fault Sully's conduct, and hence his geting in the way of making America great again. Tom Hanks is, well, can he not ever turn in a superlative performance? While we might have preferred Sandra Bullock to Laura Linney, the supporting cast is first rate, filled as it is with actors you've seen in SUV, Criminal Intent, and Yes Dear, who also have shown up in Justified.

IMDb Link to Sully

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