Monday, April 3, 2017

Tips re AT&T Customer Service

If you need to contact AT&T Customer Service (and for your sake, our Prayer Assistance Team (PAT) prays that you don't), here are some tips that might prove helpful:

1. There is no way to email AT&T and that Chat link does not work (and likely never has).

2. If you call in from a landline, the recording will say that "we are experiencing longer wait times than usual," but will not tell you what their "usual wait time" is or give any estimate.

3. If you call in from your cellphone, the recording will give you an estimated wait time, which will turn out to be the same wait time you could expect from the landline call.

4. Their phone system tries to make you give all instructions as to what you want to talk about in "complete sentences" and will not recognize numerical (touch) responses. Do this: When first prompted say one word, like "billing" or "support" or "termination"; from then on, just keep hitting zero. 

5. If you want a deal on a new phone (other than the newest released phones), including phones not shown on their page (they have a bunch in undisclosed inventory), wait until you have a real problem, then phone in, ask for the retention department, tell them how all the problems you've been having with AT&T customer service and that you're actively looking at switching to another carrier, and then tell them to put their best deal on the table, and then say, you don't think that's good enough, and see what happens. 

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