Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Another Reason to Use Schwab

When it comes to their website, in most respects, Schwab is fantastic. Once money is in your account, it is easy to buy or sell anything. But, when it comes to getting money into or out of Schwab electronically, the website has some real problems of clarity. In short, then, a la the rental company in Seinfeld that knows how to take a reservation but not keep it, Schwab knows how to keep the money but not how to move it in and out. Well, now they do. Thanks to a customer with a better idea, Schwab is going to re-vamp the offending portion of the website to make it great, and they are letting that customer have a hand in the re-vamp. Talk about a responsive company. A little squeaking gets the oil cans out in droves. It's also nice to live around the corner from their regional headquarters.

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Link to Pertinent Seinfeld Clip

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