Saturday, May 13, 2017

Brief History of Mother's Day

[Courtesy of Professor Joanne Cacciatore]

Mother’s Day is a day for mothers. But it started as a day for grieving mothers and not, initially, for all mothers. There was a bait and switch, primarily, to sell the holiday to the masses and to create an economic burst by promoting cards, flowers, and other superficial gifts for every mother. Which might be okay for some but… sadly, in today’s grief-avoidant world, grieving mothers were relegated to the margins where neither they, nor their children, were openly remembered, acknowledged, and honored.
Certainly, a day honoring mothers is important. But, there is no job harder than the endless job of living as a grieving mother. These are the mothers who too often get missed in our culture when, in fact, they should be the ones most deeply held and honored on such a holy day. All mothers deserve a day of honoring, indeed. Grieving mothers, even more so...

[PS: Dr Cacciatore is an amazing person who does amazing work of enormous importance involving the most extreme challenge--grief counseling for parents who have lost children (e.g., she is grief counseling parents of the Sandy Hook tragedy)  Link to Background on Joanne Cacciatore, Her Foundation, and Her Amazing Work ]

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