Friday, May 26, 2017

Chopping Down a Tree (in Phoenix)

Putting aside the morality and ecological issues in taking down a tree and the amount of oxygen-generation the world has lost forever and the devastating negative impact on climate change (and in this instance, where the Sierra Club just sat by and voiced no objection unlike in 1989 when it went to court to try to stop 8 saplings from being removed at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon that needed to be removed to update the squalid conditions the Park Rangers had to live in that hadn't been updated in 50 years), the cost to take a tree down is much lower than you might guess. In a scene that contra-positively reminiscent of the barn-raising scene in Witness, it took a crew of about 20 people, two cranes, a chipper, and support vehicles under two hours to take down the huge eucalyptus seen in the middle of this picture. And it cost just $2,500. There are two huge ficuses, one of which you can see half of on the right that always had been assumed would be a fortune to bring down, but that cost would be just $1,500 per tree, and would open up the vista to Piestewa Peak and render the house's front patio a place not prone to enormous amounts of sphagnum falling from the trees. 

Link to the Barn Raising Scene in Witness

Contact for Company That Did the Dastardly Deed:

     Black Diamond Landscape
     Dustin Cozzens 623-215-8462;

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