Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Different and Better House Rental Approach: Vacasa

Vacasa is a house vacation rental service that not only matches up would-be vacation rental owners with wannabe weekenders, but manages the whole process, from cleaning to towels to rental insurance. Unlike traditional peer-to-peer companies like Airbnb and VRBO—which mostly facilitate connections between sellers and buyers—Vacasa takes on responsibility for the goods and services it sells. And when you're dealing with Vacasa, you're dealing with employees not contractors. Although not available for rentals in every state, it is in most desirable locations. In large part because of its superior approach to house rentals, the rise of Vacasa has been meteoric. From its start in 2009 with just 2 employees, Vacasa now employs nearly 1,400, with nearly 100% growth every year for six years.

Link to Vacasa Website

[PS: It is meet to note that we learned about Vacasa in a chance interchange with a former JJCF grantee who is employed by Vacasa] 

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