Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Double Caution re Returns on eBay

Assume you buy like a Samsung Galaxy S5 Grey on eBay and it comes in Black. You ask for a return and refund which is granted relatively promptly. They send you a shipping label which you put on the same box they sent the phone to you in. Unfortunately, they sent it Priority Mail but the return shipping label is First Class and the Post Office returns the box to you. You go to write a negative review on eBay and somehow the seller has blocked you from doing so. The point: Be careful what box you use when doing returns. PS though: A complaint has been lodged with eBay and efforts are being made to post a scathing review of this seller. PPS: It looks like there are no Grey phones available, so this seller says he or she has one, but then sells you a Black one and figures you'll keep it. Who does he or she think he's dealing with is what we'd like to know.

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