Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Getting an Adjustment From Your ISP for Service Problems (and From Others)

Assume your ISP mistakenly and wrongly does something that flags your email address as a spam source, with the result that emails you send at least to some recipients who use that ISP are marked as spam and not delivered. After your escalated to Tier 3, you are at first told that the problem should be fixed within 2 days. When it's not, and you call back, you're told it might be a week or even longer for the problem to be fixed. Not happy, you call the Loyalty Department and ask for a price adjustment. What you'll be told is that you absolutely are entitled to a price adjustment, but that it's better to wait until the problem is resolved so everyone will know how long the problem lasted that length of time will be the big factor in determining the amount of the price adjustment, which makes total sense. So, rather than wait on hold for 16.5 minutes to hear that, just wait until the problem is resolved, and then call the Loyalty Department to get your well-deserved price adjustment. But, if you ignore this advice and call before the problem is solved, ask that  there be a notation in the file that you have been promised a price adjustment, which they will do. 

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