Thursday, May 18, 2017

Google Voice Alert

If you don't have Google Voice, just stop reading. But, if you do, you know how fabulous it is and how many things it can do, not to mention making your life far more enjoyable given that you won't even have to look at phone's caller id to see if it's a call you want to take. Enough, though, I realize on this issue, there's no getting through. That said, if you have GV, a recent update allowed for recording of phone calls, which is neither good nor bad in itself. But, the default setting is to allow recording (along with some other features). So, if you don't care about those other features and don't want your calls recorded, go to Settings and turn it off. The link below is an instructional video (from Book of Mormon) that is very funny lesson on how to turn it off.

Link to Turn It Off Song From Book of Mormon

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