Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hamilton at Gammage (Phoenix)

Hamilton is coming to Phoenix and it, along with all season tickets, is virtually sold out. We sent our Drama Department Team and our Leisure Swat Department to Gammage to squeeze some tickets out of them, and we were successful. Here is the email Gammage sent out as a result of our heroic and valiant tactics. So, feel free to jump on this offer (which btw, is verbatim what the Gammage email says--we are NOT joking): 

From: ASU Gammage <>
Date: Thu, May 25, 2017 at 3:32 PM
Subject: ASU Gammage Waiting List Update – Final Opportunity for 17-18 Season Tickets!


As a member of the ASU Gammage 2017-18 Broadway Season Ticket Waiting
List, we are pleased to inform you a very limited number of obstructed
view season tickets have become available for purchase! To purchase,
please call us at the box office at (480) 965-3434. Below, we have
provided a brief description of the obstructed nature of the available

Row 1 of the Balcony seating is available for purchase. These seats are
designated at obstructed view, as a safety bar runs across the first row.
To avoid this obstruction, you will simply have to sit up or down in your
seat if action takes place farther downstage. Unfortunately, we do
prohibit leaning forward as it can block the view of patrons behind you.

Only the following days and times still have pairs of season tickets

Saturday @ 2:00PM
Sunday @ 1:00PM
Sunday @ 6:30PM

Again, these newly available tickets are only available in person or by
phone (480) 965-3434 at the box office! We only have a limited number of
seats left and expect to sell out, so please contact us immediately if you
are interested!

Thank you for your patience and patronage. Have a great afternoon!
ASU Gammage Box Office
(480) 965-3434

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