Monday, May 22, 2017

How to Make Money With Schwab

Open a Schwab account. Have someone tell you they are going to send you money, and need the routing and account numbers, call Schwab, take down what they say and pass it on. When that transfer gets bounced because the information you were given by Schwab was wrong, ask for the correct information, take it down and pass it on. When it turns out that information also is wrong, tell Schwab you are going to close your account and go back to Wells Fargo. They will offer you $2,500 to not do that.

PS: If you tell them you have no interest in the $2,500 offer, but you want the opportunity to speak to someone with authority to order the Schwab website changed to make this info clear (which it currently does not do), and to someone with authority to do what is needed to be done to re-educate the call center reps, your account rep cannot promise that can be done, but you can be sure she's going to try her best to have it happen. You also might reconsider the $2,500 offer, and while you still might not take it yourself, you will accept such as a donation to a charitable foundation.

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