Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lamb Shanks

If you like lamb shanks, rush right out to Costco. Their A La Carte Herbes de Provence lamb shanks are not only delicious, they are priced amazingly low, you don't have to buy a huge bulk of them--they come in 2 per box, and they are fully cooked so they are microwaveable (6 minutes). This is what the box sort of looks like, but you'll want the Herbes de Provence (not pictures) not the Chianti Tomato Sauce (pictured). The herb sauce is delicious but be sure none of it goes down your disposal, and be sure to wipe your plate clean of sauce residue before rinsing it or putting it in the dishwasher.

Image result for costco lamb shanks

PS: Given the great price and they will last in your refrigerator for weeks or even months before you need to prepare or freeze them, you no longer will have any excuse for having to use a prime rib bone or t-bone or even a dog bone, which some people have been known to use, for your Pesach dinner.

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