Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Our Ombudsman Role

Although we began as simply giving out information on consumer and tech issues (we don't do politics), we have been pressed to intervene to help people in their struggles with companies and other matters. At the moment, we have a full plate of such interventions, which has taxed our staff's ability to do all it wants on the pure information side. We hope to be able to re-divert our resources back to the information side soon, and that the following interventions will abate in their draining of our resources:

1. We are struggling with Cox to fix the email problem they created in wrongly coding one of our executive's email address or IP address as a spam source. We think we figured it out, but only time will tell.

2. Relatedly, we are struggling with Cox to make an appropriate (as opposed to a paltry) accommodation for the headache they caused as noted above.

3. Unrelatedly, we are struggling with Cox to find out why, repeatedly, a message comes on the line during a phone call that says, "This call is now being recorded." 

4. We are struggling with SRP over an irrigation issue, but have learned in the process the power of Facebook and 12-On-Your-Side in getting a company's attention.

5. We are struggling to help someone deal with an unwarranted lawsuit threatened by their neighbor, in a situation that defies credulity.

6. We are struggling to help someone on an inheritance issue that also defies credulity.

7. And, of course, we are heavily involved in investigating any involvement by Trump or his campaign with the Russians. 

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