Monday, May 1, 2017

Plea to the Media re Trump: Just Please Stop

[Prefatory Note: We can't take credit for this. It was sent in by a loyal subscriber. We cannot identify him, but we can say this: Whenever he sees someone with a "World's Greatest Dad" mug or t-shirt or the like, he punches them out and says, "LIAR!"]

CNN and other media outlets have done mea culpas for the airtime they gave Trump during the campaign and allowing his surrogates to present their views as if they were not total crap, a la, creationism being an alternative view to evolution. While those media outlets now challenge the Trump surrogates a bit, they, and even the mainstream media, wallow in Trump coverage. They lead every front page and every news show, with Trump, and it's non-stop. Indeed, it's all-Trump all-the-time, and it's clearly the only thing Trump, the supreme narcissist, wants or cares about. He's winning. Actually, he's won. Even the New York Times this past Sunday wrote in effect: He's not doing what he said he'd do so maybe he's learning and he's not so bad. Reminds one of the trusting turtle who gave into the scorpion's plead to ride on its back across the pond, only to be stung and killed, but was shocked to hear from the scorpion why he did it given the scorpion would die as well: "It's what scorpions do." Alas, the press enable the most horrid of leaders, because giving them press is "What the press does." But lest anyone think we don't have a solution, we do. Trump should be taken off page 1 and the lead to any news show; instead, the last page and the last story should read: "Trump did or said something else today that was intended to grab headlines. It's really not important. We're not covering it any further. We'll let you know if anything happens." Until then, we have extended our ban on cable news to include mainstream TV news and the front page of the newspapers we read and broadened our ban on the op-ed pages.

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