Sunday, May 21, 2017

Suggestion for Costco

In what would be a win for Costco and for its customers, and me, please consider going to the Costco webpage where you can submit suggestions and suggest the following (or something like it):

"I LOVE Costco's great products, policies, products, and prices. The only thing I don't like about Costco is that the checkout lines often take along time to get through. This tolerable where I'm buying quite a few items, but is intolerable if I won't to dash in and out for some food items, and Costco's food is fabulous. In what would be a win/win for Costco and its customers would be either a dedicated check-out line that was "Under 10 Food Items Only," or "Food Only" self-check-out registers. With either of those, I would do virtually all my food shopping at Costco, meaning more business for Costco and greater satisfaction in and loyalty from a Costco customer, and likely more people signing up for Costco memberships. Thank you for considering this suggestion." 

Link to Costco Suggestion Page

Don't be put off if you get an email response from Costco that reads as follows:

"My name is Heather A and I'm with the Costco Member Services Team.

"We must keep our operating costs at a minimum so we can continue to keep our pricing low for our members. The equipment and implementation of express lanes would be costly.

"We have found that most of our members purchase an average of sixteen items per visit. According to this average, an express checkout lane would be the least used of all the registers. Therefore, we cannot justify the additional costs at this time.

"Thank you for your questions and comments. We will forward your comments to our executives for their consideration, as we value your feedback.


"Heather A
"Member Service Center
"Costco Wholesale Corporation"

And be sure to send them back an email that reads: While I’m not happy with the answer, I DEEPLY APPRECIATE the promptness of the response and the explanation. Very impressive! Thanks. I LOVE Costco."

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